Sarah’s drink spiking experience

I was out with a few friends in a nightclub popular with students when it happened.

I have no idea exactly how it occurred, but I do know I hadn’t had very much to drink at all.

I guess a pill of some sort was put in my drink, but I didn’t notice anything wrong with my drink at all.

I think I must have gone to the toilet, because that’s where I found myself at the end of the night. Lying on the floor with my trousers half way down and my bum poking through the gap under the toilet door. My friends thought I’d gone home and left, and the security staff assumed I was drunk, and they put me outside to sit on a wall.

I don’t know how long I sat there, I just remember eventually a Range Rover turned up and someone asked where I live. I can only assume it was someone from the nightclub who saw how vulnerable I was and decided to get me home.

I got in the car, not really being able to do very much, and fortunately I was taken home to my halls of residence.

It’s terrifying to think what might have happened.

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