Michael’s drink spiking experience

Now like many men getting on in life, you think that you have seen and done most things. But, at the age of 40, I encountered drink spiking for the first time… and by a friend that I had been working with for over 2 years.

I was out with around 30 people, really enjoying myself, chatting and having a good time. I had a lot of drinks purchased for me as it was my birthday, and for me – a lightweight drinker – there were a lot mounting up on the bar and I was wondering how the hell I was going to drink them all.

About an hour into the night out I had had a few drinks, and I casually looked over my shoulder to see what I could happily leave behind as we were just about to move on, when I noticed a friend pouring a white powdery substance into one of my drinks. I instinctively knew there was something wrong, as I didn’t have an upset tummy and hadn’t asked for something as a pick me up.

But my so called friend had decided to spike my drink and super charge the effects that the drink and mixture would have on me. As it was entering my drink I pushed past some friends and knocked the substance out of his hand – and a load of drinks off the bar in the process – and the look on his face and the powder on the bar said it all.

An argument ensued and after a friend of mine had sampled what was left on the bar surface, he confirmed it was most likely a spiking agent to ruin my evening. A fight took place, he was ejected and he left our workplace thereafter.

The moral of this story is you never know who your friends are or what they are up to – I could have got into a serious situation that night, and at the time had a young family to support and this type of stupidity could have damaged that for good.

Spiking is not cool. We all know people do this and you need to have your wits about you when you are out. I feel StopTopps are the way forward as a safe guard to this and should be encouraged in all places that sell beers, wines and spirts to stop this ridiculous behaviour.

Names and certain details have been changed to protect identities

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