stoptopps manifesto

  • 1)

    We are dedicated to stamping out drink spiking (putting alcohol or drugs into someone else’s drink without their consent): it is never acceptable.

  • 2)

    Everyone has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and should feel safe and secure when out for a drink with their friends.

  • 3)

    Drink spiking is often done without malicious intent but the consequences can still be catastrophic - we aim to ensure people understand this.

  • 4)

    The culture of disbelief about drink spiking needs to be challenged. We believe it is entirely wrong that a victim of this crime should ever feel guilt or shame for what has happened to them.

  • 5)

    We intend to empower individuals to make better decisions about keeping themselves and others safe when socialising, and to provide the education and tools to help them do so.

victim of spiking?