Jessica’s drink spiking experience

I wasn’t drinking alcohol the night I was spiked – I’m actually not sure I would have realised that’s what had happened if I had been drunk. But as it was, I had my car and was planning on driving home…

I think it must have happened in the smoking area – I remember putting my drink on the floor while I rolled a cigarette, and that’s my last clear memory of the evening. I have since remembered a few snapshots – dancing, delirious; lots of colours and glitter; searching for my friends; slurring my words as I spoke to strangers in the high street.

No idea how I made it home

I woke up the next morning in my bed. I could not remember anything at all. I have never been so confused – I had no idea how on earth I made it home.

I looked out the window and there was my car – intact, somehow. I could vaguely recall a moment in time on my way home, when I remember thinking ‘I have never been so tired in my entire life’. And then black.

To me, aside from the fact I lost my friends and was alone, vulnerable and clearly far from compos mentis, the scariest part of the experience is the fact I drove home.

I had been on soft drinks all night

I had been on soft drinks all night, so it simply didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t be alright behind the wheel. But from the few, small memories I have of that evening, there was no way I should have done.

It’s scary to think about what could have happened to me. But it’s even scarier to think that I was driving in such a state, and could have hurt – or even killed – other innocent people.

Names and certain details have been changed to protect identities

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