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Sarah’s drink spiking experience

By Holly Whitehead / 09/02/2020 /

I was out with a few friends in a nightclub popular with students when it happened. I have no idea exactly how it occurred, but I do know I hadn’t had very much to drink at all. I guess a pill of some sort was put in my drink, but I didn’t notice anything wrong…

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Michael’s drink spiking experience

By Tony Harbron / 02/12/2019 /

Now like many men getting on in life, you think that you have seen and done most things. But, at the age of 40, I encountered drink spiking for the first time… and by a friend that I had been working with for over 2 years. I was out with around 30 people, really enjoying…

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Jessica’s drink spiking experience

By Tony Harbron / 29/11/2019 /

I wasn’t drinking alcohol the night I was spiked – I’m actually not sure I would have realised that’s what had happened if I had been drunk. But as it was, I had my car and was planning on driving home… I think it must have happened in the smoking area – I remember putting…

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