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Dawn Dines - StopTopps Founder

StopTopps founder Dawn Dines

Dawn Dines is the founder of Safe Original Style UK (SOS UK), the non-profit community interest company behind StopTopps.

Dawn is passionate about empowering young people to keep themselves safe, by running educational workshops on alcohol & drug awareness, knife crime & anti-social behaviour cyber bullying and internet safety.

She has also worked with local authorities, supporting children in care and in secure units.

Dawn first pitched the idea of anti-drink-spiking lids on the BBC series Dragon’s Den and took the advice of Peter Jones that it would be more effective as a social enterprise, hence the creation of SOS UK.

Beyond her work with young people, Dawn also has extensive global business experience, including running successful enterprises in China, Australia and Russia/Kazakhstan.

Safe Original Style UK

StopTopps are a product of Safe Original Style UK (SOS UK), a Community Interest Company that has been established to tackle the increasing incidents of drink spiking in the UK. It was founded by a team with professional experience in areas such as alcohol awareness workshops and the welfare of young people.

Drink spiking comes in many forms. We exist to highlight the dangers of spiking, and offer effective and practical solutions to keep you and your friends safe in pubs, clubs, parties, festivals and beyond.


We all know someone who has had their drink spiked. Thankfully, most cases of drink spiking don’t end tragically... but they can: rape, robbery or even death are all reported outcomes, so the consequences can be utterly devastating. With your help, we aim to stamp out drink spiking in the UK.


We are here to educate people about the dangers of spiking and the fact it's never acceptable. We offer resources and solutions that will help people to stay safe until drink spiking is no more. Our range of StopTopps lids and foils are designed to deter anyone from adding alcohol or drugs to your drink without your consent.


Safe Original Style UK Community Interest Company

Company Number 12048033

Matfield Flat, Matfield, Exeter EX2 8XR, Devon

[email protected]


We have lots of people to thank for getting us this far including Jonesy Digital, Holly and Tony from Growth Guides and Marc Atkins.


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